About Shawt !

Shawt ! is a social, location-aware chat application. It gives you insights about what you want to know based on where you are.


The app is based on a set of three filters and a distance selector. Make your choices and see the messages appear dynamically !

The idea #

We imagined our app on a simple postulate : our Facebook feeds are flooded with irrelevant information.

Most of the time, we are not interested in this guy that needs three more persons to play football, or this girl selling something at the other side of the town. We’d rather watch pictures of our friends at the last party, or stalk our crush to see if he/she’s going to the next one.

So we had the idea of moving this content out of Facebook, to make it less intrusive and more intuitive.

The principle #

The app covers three fields of interests :

Each message (or “shawt”) has to fit one of the three categories. Then, when posted, the message will be available to everyone in the area.

And if you want to read other people’s shawts (say, you hang out in the city and want to find a nice bar), you just specify your interests, a maximal distance and the shawts are immediately delivered :)

Some nice features #

Chat view / Map view #

There are two view availables, a chat, Twitter-like one focused on the content of the shawts, and a map one focused on the geolocation.


Discussions #

Want some more information about a particular shawt ? Need to know if you need to bring your racket for this tennis match, or if this club is opened to people under 21 ? Just start a discussion !


About us #

We’re a team of two people, Manon (a half French, half Swiss Computer Science student) and Nicolas (a full-fledged French Computer Science student, with the baguette and stuff), both studying at KTH.

This app is developed as a project for a KTH course, Mobile Development with Web Technologies.


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